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First off, apologies if anyone feels this is a little off-topic but I’ve got an inkling that the
members of this community could have some real gems to contribute to this! (And reckon it could fit under the 'art' section of acceptable topics for discussion in the rules)

I’m currently compiling a photo feature for the UK’s Alt-Fashion magazine (the title is
probably quite self-explanatory, but see for more details) which is
set to include a spread of heavily customised, highly unique jackets along with notes from
their owners / creators on their construction and the stories they could tell.

So far submissions have come mainly from old-skool punks - I've seen some stunning DIY items but would really like a bit more variety in this feature. I've noticed more than a few heavily patched and badge-encrusted denims and Eddie-painted leathers sported at shows by Maiden fans before now so was wondering if anyone in this community had such an item and would be interested to contribute. To get involved please send a clear photo to and I’ll get back to you with some further info and a quick Q & A!
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Bruce is giving away 2 tickets to Maiden’s very last show of this current world tour. It’s Earl’s Court Saturday 23rd December and all you have to do to enter is answer a VERY simple question.

For your chance to win and see Maiden LIVE find the question on Bruce’s 6 Music showpage and enter
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Ask Bruce

Bruce wants to hear from as many of you as possible. Why not ask Bruce a question, request a track, tell him your stories, send him your favourite photos via his BBC 6 Music rock show. C'mon - it's your direct line to the voice himself...what are you waiting for?

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Iron Maiden front-man Bruce has Nashville’s brightest punk-poppers PARAMORE on his rock show on BBC 6Music this Saturday 14th October.

The radio show airs from 9:00pm to Midnight (plus online or on DAB) & if you miss it you can still catch it via the Radio Player / Listen Again feature on the 6Music webpage

So no matter what you're doing Saturday you'll still be able to hear the guys rockin' on with the Bruce for a whole 7 days! Check it out!

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Iron Maiden-Overseas Ltd.

CD-no cover,is used does not skip on any are some tracks,run to the hills,number of the beast,running free.all songs are live.12 tracks total Take no less than $40.00


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the new guy

hey all im the new guy. ive been an iron maiden fan since 1984. i just joined this community yesterday. i tried downloading some of the mp3's that you guys have posted but i keep getting error messages saying that the page doesnt exist. is anyone else having this problem? also does anyone know where i can get iron maiden bootlegs NOT in mp3 format(ie. .wav or .shn formats)? i have lots of live goodies to trade. anyway thats all...just wanted to introduce myself and stuff.