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Hey all. If you are anything like me (superbrava), you don't only dig having tons of Iron Maiden collectables (i.e. posters, boxsets, tour shirts, first press vinyl, etc), you love having GOOD clean fullsize scans of album art and as much information on record pressings as humanly possible. Well, this community is just for that. Instead of filling up other communities with large pictures and all that stuff, I've decided to create this one just for that. Everyone's lives will be much better with high quality Maiden artwork and information.

The following items are allowed to be embeded or linked in the community:

  • Scanned images

  • Iron Maiden art you have created

  • Band pictures

  • Rare MP3's

Iron Maiden has given permission to download their music online, so this does not bother me. Please don't link full album downloads or anything, just maybe live stuff that other people don't have or B-sides or whatnot.

The following is not allowed in this community:

  • Anything NOT Iron Maiden related. There are other communities for you to post in, please do so somewhere else if you have nothing to contribute to this community.

  • Advertising communities, bands and/or websites.

I hope to see this community flourish! I can't wait, and I will get to work on getting some of my 12" singles scanned in at a high resolution available for download. :)

Check out iron_maiden :D
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